5 Best Ways to Improve Your Critical Reading Talent

Most people are book lover and maybe, you are one of those avid pleasure readers. You frequently read blogs, bestselling novels and magazines. However, lately, you have begun wondering whether you missed something in the world of reading.

Critical reading is very important for anyone who is aiming to be a thought or expert leader in a particular area or who is seeking for a profound knowledge about a subject. Critical reading means engaging in a text by the means of asking questions, taking the advocate role of a devil and dwelling on possible future research. In its nature, critical reading is the ability to recognize every word written in an article as well as understand their significant, meaning and context.

It’s no secret that critical reading is an integral part of one’s academic life. Also, many professionals need this skill. Better reading comprehension will give you a deeper understanding about the material so that you would be able to remember and analyze it.

Below are some tips to help you take your reading into next level:

  1. Read the article more than once

Depending on its length and complexity, it might be necessary to read the article a few times so that you will be able to understand the bend of the logic. Take your time. Avoid skimming but read methodically and slowly.

  1. Take some notes

If it is not written on a paper, better print a paper copy to use a highlighter. Highlight the major points, underline, write down questions and notes in the margin. By engaging the text using this method, you can recognize important facts (e.g. names, dates) and main arguments.

  1. Discuss it with others

In a discussion about the article, it is important to engage with others to boost your understanding on it. You can have stronger comprehension when you have gathered more thoughts on the topic. Other people will look at the different angles of the subject that you have not considered.

  1. Write your own critical summary

Writing a summary of the article is such a great way to ensure that you have certainly understood the text. Use notes and underlined areas as well as think about possible themes. For instance, you can write the goal of the article, its main points and ways to improve it among others.

  1. Practice the SQ3R

SQ3R represents Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Review. Skim the text to get its idea, look out for main points, names, dates and important descriptions. Create a list of questions before doing an exhaustive reading. These questions should be relevant to the assignment or subject you have been given based on skimming. Afterwards, read the article carefully and take notes as you stay on it. When recalling, jot down the arguments and main points that you have recalled from the text. This is vital to deepen your understanding on the subject. Lastly, thoroughly review your recalled notes and give the article another reading.

Citizens, students and professionals who wanted to engage more deeply in any article they are reading should improve their critical reading and these tips are very useful to enhance your critical reading talent. Just make it a habit on your daily routine and you’ll see improvements anytime soon.


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