How to Write an Effective Essay

Many people, especially the students, are sometimes confused on how to write an effective essay. In the video, problems in terms of writing essay are trying to address by James. Watching the entire video can give you the chance to make an effective writing.

The first thing being highlighted is asking a question. This is for you to concentrate on your target or purpose. Through asking a question, answer can be obtained and a clear view will be emphasized. The next thing is about the thesis, which is the answer to the question. Thesis should be strong and must avoid “maybe” or other words that makes it weak. Your work become stronger if you know what you actual want to express, this will also guide your reader on what are the things you are conveying. This should be strongly said or stated

Introduction is very important in writing an essay. Readers should identify your thesis; therefore, you should create a clear introduction of the subject matter or on the things that you are trying to point out. Proof is very important in writing to make the thesis stronger. This can be found at the body of your essay. The final thing is the conclusion, which connects to the things mentioned: asking question, thesis, introduction, and proof or body.

If you want to have full information on the full content of this video, do not hesitate to watcth it now and become a good writer in the future.

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