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A lot of artists and writers tend to commit a similar mistake of waiting for that inspiration to knock on the door before eventually diving into a creative work. It’s like an idea of waiting for that striking moment when stars suddenly align and everything simply fall into its place and then everything comes into reality. A creative work was done. Although this really happen sometimes, this can be considered as rarity.

You don’t need to wait for an inspiration to pop out of nowhere in order to start with a creative work. Even if you are not an artist in nature, you can still enhance your creativity and inspire inspiration. Here is how:

  1. Reminisce the top five essential moments in your life. Write down those pivotal moments that shaped you- whether it’s amazing, hard or sad. Take time reminiscing each and indulge into the memories. Now ask yourself whether or not you have previously created something which directly reflects these pivotal moments in your life. Your life story typically triggers creativity sleeping inside you. Go back to the past, your experiences, your joy and pain and surely you will come up into something creative. Never attempt to copy other inspiration or stories.
  1. Find the creative theme. Determine which moment really moves you. Afterwards, write down four descriptive words and four qualities that will describe that feeling or moment. Then write phrases or sentences that will directly paint the pictures of those four words. Finally, identify the main creative theme from those, the one that is worth chasing and moves you.
  2. Exploits those inspiring moments. After identifying the main theme, determine where the story would go. Indulge into the moment and identify the tone, feel, tempo, and philosophy of a certain project. Remember that if a certain moment or feeling moves you, it will certainly move somebody else.
  3. Find means to be moved. In case the first three strategy doesn’t do any good, then you can just look for something else which can move you. You can either read, watch or listen into something which moves you. Sit back, be still, wait and finally, create.
  4. Don’t use fear as inspiration. Fear never elicits something of value. Majority of us tend to create or do something because of the fear of losing something important or losing a job and failed to pay the bills. As crazy as it may sound, but it’s just like when you put your family first, God will take care of all your needs.
  5. Routines always win. Practice, practice, practice and you will master whatever skill you intend to learn. This goes the same when building a regular routine and how it will enhance your creativity. Usually, setting specific time to do creative works can help you effortlessly release creativity.
  6. Minimize distractions. Distractions will keep you out of focus and tend to make you ignore anything around. Distractions often reduce creativity.
  7. Fight frustrations. There will always be days when your creativity seemed to refrain from working. Its normal so do not freak out. Instead try to inspire inspiration the next day.
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