Main Pitfalls of Learning a Second Language Writing System

There are different second language system being used today and it includes Russian, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Arabic that offers different alphabets. If you learned their alphabet, you will find it easy to write and read their language. However, if you are new in learning different languages, you will find it difficult wherein its process becomes complicated and new writing system should be on top of it. There are lots of challenges you will find once you try to master new alphabetic system.

Understand the phonetics. Learning other languages will provide you a big difference to their sounds. Most of the alphabets you will encounter will totally provide you different sounds as compared to English. Because of this, you will be challenged to understand and sound every letter right but don’t be frustrated about it because you will just find it difficult when you first grasp it. You will just need more time to perfectly sound it right and master the accent and intonation you wanted to build.

Understand the logic. The English alphabet is known as Roman alphabet that focuses more on its sounds rather than symbols but in other language systems, the letters of their alphabets are symbols stands for something from their own. The phonetic building of alphabet can miss the logic of other languages wherein they use symbols for them to build meaning. Therefore, you need to learn their logic for you to understand the language.

Identify the fonts. You need to identify the different styles and fonts of writing. Handwriting is different from printed text and there are variations of printed text as well. So think about the cursive writing, different fonts, and capitalization so that English reader can easily read and identify it. However, some other languages will offer you some challenge and has different writing system. Therefore, the best way to learn different writing fonts and styles is by exposing yourself in different styles of writing.

Learn to write. Reading is important and so as writing. However, there are people who remember their phase when they are learning how to write the alphabet. Now, the phase of learning how to write them is another painful process. Different languages have specific ways to write their varieties of character and their letter as well. So learn the pen-strokes and direction of correct handwriting that is readable and legible.

Provide a good attitude. There are people who fail in learning other languages because they give up easily. It is not the language that is hard and impossible to understand, it depends in yourself. Everyone has the capability to learn anything as long as they know they are dedicated on what they do. So you need to get through the slow phase of awkwardness and think that in learning how to read and write, you need to focus on small triumphs. You can start it by recognizing word written that are in different fonts or reading whole sentence out loud having no pause. Then, you can celebrate if you keep working on it and reach the milestone you wanted to attain.

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