Advertising Marketing Resume Examples

Marketing and advertising are parallel to each other. With aggressive marketing and effective advertising, the companies can bring their businesses to a whole new level. Through the use of advertising, the businesses can communication easily with their target audiences, and make them to buy what they’re selling. Similarly, with advertising resume example, you need to turn up the heat on recruiters to hire you or call your for a meeting. In order to achieve this kind of target, you need to write a concise, precise, and effective resume. If you’re not sure about making an advertising resume, here are some instructions or tips that will guide you with the entire writing process.

  • Advertising is about presentation – a service or product that’s presented more attractively will certainly catch the buyer’s attention. Same goes with your resume, your advertising resume example should present your qualifications, skills, and experiences in the most pleasing manner.
  • There are lot of job profile in advertising industries. You can possibly work as print manager, sales executives, media buyer, art director, clerk, production manager, copywriter, and a graphic designer. Your advertising resume for a certain position needs to be tailored properly and accordingly.
  • The personal details such as your name, contact number, and address should be in the beginning of your resume. After placing it at the top of your resume, write your career objective. Make a statement according on your job profile to be present on your advertising resume example. Whatever you job profile is, you need to make a statement that’ very easy to understand the position you’re applying to as well as how your employment can benefit the welfare of their company.
  • The advertising jobs contain some keywords that are very prominent in each position or profession. For instance, an art director resume should contain the words like artwork, editing, final proof, print-outs, review, correction, proof-reading, visualization, design, creativity, and many more. Look for job-related keywords and try to use it in your advertising resume example.
  • Make a section for your work experience. Include the most current position that you’re working in, together with the employment period and the company’s name. You listing should start with your latest job in chronological resume format. Also use action words in order to describe the responsibilities that you have handled. Words like present, demonstrate, exhibit, instruct, visualize, research, change, proof-read, illustrate, format, copy, design, review, edit, and write should be used in accordance with your job profile.
  • Qualifications and training are also very essential for the advertising jobs. In your advertising resume example, you should make a heading as education and list your entire details regarding your educational background and attainments. Also mention any training that is related to the job that you’re applying to.
  • Present your achievement under the heading as Achievements and Awards. Any special recognition or applause you have acquire in your career should be presented under your heading.
  • Ultimately, you need to write everything in a very friendly yet professional tone. With the right selection of words and proper structure of sentence, you can surely win the recruiter’s attention.

An advertising resume should be done in 2 pages only. Therefore, you need to everything before you write a resume. If this seems hassle for you, you can try our resume writing services that will provide you an effective and compelling resume with the entire above-mentioned considerations included on it.