Writing in English as a Second Language: Tips for Students

William Zissner, a professor of Columbia University who observed that the value of good writing is the language that is different from other languages. One of his ESL students from Egypt also observed that some of the Arabic writings used many proverbs wherein most of the English writers can take it seriously as well. However, students from Ethiopia uses long writing with complex and flow sentences that can demonstrate their own knowledge and education while the Spanish language offers gold mine of writers and poet that is naturally impressive. However, the things considered for English writings are quite different from the rest.

Here are the tips for all ESL students who aim to write in English.

Keep on reading. If you keep on reading some books, magazines or newspaper, it will help you to improve your writing skills. You will find the best pattern for some subject-verb-agreement, plurals or adjectives. You will also learn the correct spelling of words, enrich your vocabulary, practice the basic sentence structure and learn some idiomatic phrases. Reading will reinforce you to set the grammar rules.

Learn the clarity of words. English language offers millions of words. Therefore, you need to learn how you are going to use these words to construct better sentences. You need to expose yourself with different words through reading books, films, music or conversation.

Economy of languages. Some English writers uses flowery words or language and tends to use short and punchy sentences. There are some applications online that can help you make your work impressive without having long and complex sentences that might be confusing to the reader. Through this app, your work will be evaluated and would be considered as a high value English writing.

Use action verbs. English writings use direct words and want to say it straight. Due to this, avoid the use of passive tense in your writing.

Prefer using the English language. If you have a Latin- based language, you can make good friends with Latin –based words in English but you should not rely on it when you want to express yourself. Instead, use English to have a formal writings. However, if you find it difficult to deal with it, you can use Anglo-Saxon that is based in English. By the means of using English as your language, you can also be familiarized with the logic of the English language such as idiomatic phrases, nuances and grammar.

Learn the correct spelling of words. There are some instances where vowel and consonant combination are spelled the same but are different in meaning. Therefore, check your spelling to help you gain confidence in writing.

Spend time in writing. The tips above are helpful but practicing a lot will improve your writing skills. You can do it every day and have someone to look at your work to know what your mistakes are.

Ask for professional help. Even though the internet is the best source for RSL learners, there are people who can help you and are willing to teach you to enhance your writing skills in English.

These are the simple tips you will need in order for you to improve your English writing skills. Just ensure that you commit yourself if you really want to learn the English language effectively.



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