Writing Skills: The Paragraph

This video talks about how to write a paragraph. Not only does it give a detailed writing lesson but it also aims to show people how to construct a paragraph. Having that said, it discusses the dos and don’ts of paragraph writing. In writing paragraphs, there are certain rules of thumbs that you have to follow.

Indent or skip a line. When it comes to the actual look of a paragraph, the first line must be pushed in a little bit. Alternatively, you can also a skip a line. It’s either indent or skip a line, but don’t do both.

Focus on a single paragraph. When it comes to the content, the paragraph should focus on a single thought. Say for instance, if you discuss about apples in the beginning, then you have to talk about apples all throughout. The catch here is that, in every paragraph, there should be a single central idea.

There’s no rule in length. Whether you want to make construct a paragraph with 2 or 10 sentences, it’s OK. As long as you are working around one central idea, it is a paragraph. However, it is likely that you don’t want it too long, right?

Know how to bridge sentences. In writing a paragraph, each sentence should be connected to the next focusing on a single topic.

Avoid repetition. To make an excellent paragraph, you have to break off from repeating terms. For example, if you have used “moreover”, use other relevant terms such as “in addition” and “another” on the other parts.

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